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What is an authenticator and how can I link my account to one?

An authenticator offers players an additional layer of security to help prevent unauthorised account access. All registered accounts can be connected to an authenticator. If your account is connected to an authenticator, you will be asked to enter a valid authenticator token in addition to your account name and password whenever you try to log into the game or the Tibia website. This token is generated via an authenticator app, e.g. Google Authenticator or Authy. Simply download the authenticator app of your choice to your device. Log into your account and connect your authenticator app to your Tibia account by following the steps in the section "Authenticator" on your account page.

1. Before you connect your Tibia account to an authenticator, please make sure that you have a valid recovery key. In case your mobile phone, tablet etc. breaks or gets lost, the recovery key is the only way to disconnect your Tibia account from the authenticator.
2. It is also important to use an authenticator app on a different device than the one you are playing Tibia on. An authenticator on the computer you use for playing Tibia will not help you to protect your account if somebody gains access to your computer.

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