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A Visit to Venore
enore, the city of commerce, is located in the swampy area on the eastern coast of the Tibia continent.


Founded as a settlement at the time when the Nightmare Knights set foot in the Plains of Havoc, Venore has always been a part of the Thaian kingdom. In order to bolster its defence against wild creatures, the first settlers built their shacks on stilts above the marshy swamp there. Tempted by promises and special benefits, further settlers came and Venore started to grow, especially after druids and sorcerers managed to drive away poisonous creatures.

Nightmare Knights

The ancient order of the Nightmare Knights was mainly known for its dark prophecies and the art of dreamwalking. One of the Thaian kings gave them a piece of land close to the Plains of Havoc in order to stop them from spreading their frightening prophecies in Thais but also to let them prove their determination and strength. A monastery there became their main base, and they trained their skills by facing the numerous dangerous monsters close-by. However, the order was wiped out in a battle against minions of the Ruthless Seven.

Venore was also one of the major sources for wood back then. Convicts were sent to the area south of Venore as forced labourers to cut wood and help with building a cathedral there. Due to a massive earthquake, though, the cathedral was destroyed and the construction site was abandoned. Nevertheless, a couple of shady characters stayed there and founded an outlaw camp. A few historical sources claim that some of these criminals unofficially worked for Venore for very little money which means the city had a steady supply of cheap workers.

It was the discovery of the Spiceweed, though, a special swamp grass used for cooking, that led to a constant stream of arrivals and helped Venore to flourish. The economic prosperity changed the rapidly growing city significantly, and soon stone buildings and solid bridges dominated the cityscape. Venore also earned a widespread reputation for its shipyard and trading activities which further increased the city's wealth and influence.

Over time, many merchants made a considerable fortune in Venore. A moneyed nobility emerged and increasingly took over the municipal administration. Their wealth and power allowed them to claim important privileges from Thais which was politically and militarily weakened by numerous wars and had to face several crises. Hence, Thais was more or less dependent on Venore and not vice versa. Thereby, Venore's merchant houses were able to gain and sustain considerable self-sufficiency and influence. Depending on the financial situation of Thais and the determination of its respective ruler, Venore's advice always had an important impact on Thaian politics.

The annexation of Liberty Bay, for example, was mainly a result of Venore's instigation. The wealthy merchants were eager to get their hands on the resources of the militarily weak island. They concocted an emergency situation, and Venore-loyal agitators begged Thais for military assistance against rebels and anarchists. Venore appealed to the Thaian king to intervene and "generously" offered the necessary number of mercenary soldiers. After Liberty Bay had been successfully subdued, the mercenaries were no longer paid. Therefore, some of them decided to become pirates but are officially considered members of the colonist resistance by Venore. In fact, some of the mercenaries still sort of serve Venore as pirates and support its trade empire by attacking ships of competitors.

Privileges such as the free-trade agreement with the Thaian kingdom including certain monopoly rights, and the exclusive gambling license have helped to ensure Venore's continued wealth and status since then.

Venore Today

Today, the wealthy and powerful merchants still control and manage the municipal affairs of Venore. The Slim family, owner of the warehouse Useful Things, the Ironeye family, owner of the Ironhouse, as well as the bankers are the leading force behind Venore's activities, and significantly influence other merchants who are more concerned with their personal well-being and profit than with politics. Especially Carlin is a nuisance for Venore's merchants. They would like to see it subdued by Thais again, and thus, within their sphere of influence. It is mainly a result of Venorean efforts that there is hardly any reconciliation between Carlin and Thais. Unsurprisingly, the relationship between Carlin and Venore is rather icy. Yet, Venore pretends to be a loyal vassal to Thais, and masks its own interests as the interests of the Thaian kingdom. Without much doubt, Venore would have been able to gain independence easily. But so far, losing their influence on Thais has been considered a greater evil than being the major tax payer in the Thaian kingdom.

In general, money determines your fate in Venore. It is a good place to live if you are rich, and its warehouses allow you to shop until you drop. The city is also full of opportunities to find work. The Agency of Venorean Interest Negotiators (AVIN) is always looking for skilled adventurers who are willing to help ensure the safety of Venore and its ventures. You might want to think twice, though, if you are on friendly terms with Carlin's female elite since it is said that the AVIN secretly supports the male resistance in Carlin with beer.

Also, Venore's gambling license makes it an attractive place for fortune hunters. At the same time, Venore is a city full of shattered dreams and broken hopes. Many of the people who came with little had nothing left in the end. Without money, you are a nobody in Venore. The last refuge for the poor, sick and homeless in their struggle for survival is the poor house which was recently set up by one of the few noble souls in Venore. Every once in a while, though, the rampant swamp fever there spreads to the city and feverish citizens roam the busy streets.


You can reach Venore from any other city with a harbour which also indicates its important role in trade and commerce. If you arrive in Venore by boat (1) and are looking for work, you can go straight to Uncle, headman of the AVIN, whose office is located on the second floor of the harbour building. However, a visit to an important city like Venore would not be complete without a city tour. The harbour is a also a good starting point for a shopping and sightseeing tour by foot.

After leaving the harbor, turn left onto Market Street. In case you are feeling a little bit hungry after the boat trip but do not want to eat something heavy or greasy, you can satisfy your hunger with healthy fruits from Talesia De'Mir's warehouse Crunor's Finest (2). If you plan to visit someone in Venore, you might want to use this opportunity to buy some beautiful flowers for your host. If you would like to bring a somewhat bigger gift such as a nice piece of furniture, just continue to follow Market Street, and you will soon pass Plank and Treasurechest (3), a thriving furniture market. In their traditional carpentry in the basement, you can see how furniture is made or just enjoy the smell of freshly cut wood.
Your host is a beautiful lady and more interested in shiny things? No problem! The nearby House of Wealth (4) not only offers a sparkling selection of gems and jewels but also houses a bank and one of the two depots in Venore. If you are done there, walk south on Silver Street until Mystic Lane forks off. Follow Mystic Lane to reach the Magic Bazaar (5) which is owned by Vladruc Urghain, a real vampire. Even if you do not need to stock up on potions or runes, you should definitely stop by to encounter some very quirky and bizarre characters there such as the ghoulish Chatterbone, or FRANS, the Floating ReAnimated Necromantic Servant. If scary sights easily startle you, do not look down into the basement. Vladruc has yet to give a good explanation for the sacrificial stone, and why there is always a corpse and a bloody mess down there. In case you need a safe and sacred place to recover from this unholy experience, just follow Mystic Lane to the west, the temple (6) is just round the corner.
Facts about present day Venore
  • Approximately 20 % of all Tibians reside in Venore nowadays.
  • About 83 % of the inhabitants of Venore are male, while only around 17 % of the inhabitants are female.
  • It seems that Venoreans do not want to tie the knot. About 97 % of them are unmarried.
  • The average level of characters who reside in Venore is 30 - in comparison: the average level of characters in Carlin is 20.71; in Thais 25.8; in Yalahar 76.63.
  • The main vocation found in Venore is the Knight, which makes up around 37 % of the population there.
  • around 22 % of all Venoreans are paladins.
  • around 21 % of all Venoreans are sorcerers.
  • around 20 % of all Venoreans are druids.

Now head south on the Walk of Flame. Have you ever dreamed of becoming a fire fighter? Pyro Peter usually strolls around the Burning Portal Crematory (7), and has some hot information to share about the elfish encampment Shadowthorn which you can reach through the southern city gate. Some rebellious elves set Shadowthorn on fire every now and then so willing hands to fight the flames are always needed. In any case, the sight of the crematory to your right will certainly remind you to cherish and enjoy life.
In order to express your zest for life properly, you should visit Hugo's Dress for Success warehouse (8) which is close-by. The staff knows all about the latest fashion trends and will help you to find something fancy no matter if you are looking for a new outfit or just some new pillows.
If you want go on an expedition to Venore's vicinity later, you will probably prefer to equip yourself with some protective gear and decent weapons, though. Go west on Salvation Street until you reach Paupers Palace, turn left onto Dagger Alley, and follow it until it intersects Iron Alley. The Ironhouse (9), Abran Ironeye's warehouse, is situated adjacent to the middle junction. The weapons and armor you can buy there are not cheap imports, most of them have been forged in the basement workshop.

Back on Iron Alley, head west. Before you pass the two towers guarding the south-west city gate, look left to catch a glimpse on Venore's prison and garrison (10). However, we doubt that you want to spend your precious time in a prison cell so do not linger and leave Venore through the city gate in front of you. As you cross the wooden bridge behind the first two towers, you have a good view on Ottokar's poor house (11) to the right. If you are a charitable person and would like to donate some money or medicine to the poor souls, you can take the short way underneath the bridge to reach the poor house. Otherwise, we suggest you to leave it at that and be content with the view from above.
After you have passed the last two towers, go down the stairs to get to Venore's horse station (12). Appaloosa not only offers horses for rent but also a coach transport to Thais. Furthermore, the south-west gate is a good starting point for adventurers looking for some action. The entrance to the Venore Dragon Lair is not far away and you can also start longer excursions to the Outlaw Camp or the dangerous Plains of Havoc from here.

If you are up for some evening fun, go back into the city, and head north onto Dream Street. Leeland Slim's Useful Things warehouse (13) is yet another chance to buy a nice souvenir, especially if you prefer practical stuff. Further north, Mystic Lane branches off and leads you right to the Hard Rock (14) where you can spend the rest of the day, and the rest of your money. Besides the central depot, there is a dog racing track there and below the depot you can find the Hard Rock Tavern as well as the Fighting Pits. So if you are hungry, you can get a decent meal here while watching combatants. In order to test your luck, you can play dice with Zebron.

It is almost impossible to stay for just one drink so why not make a night of it? The early morning hours are a perfect time to visit Venore's famous shipyard (15), the last stop of our city tour. Head back to Dream Street and follow it all the way up to its end. The shipyard is a very interesting place so do not miss this opportunity to witness Venore's boat building first-hand.
The north-west gate is just around the corner. If you would like to head out into the wild, it is a good place to start your journey, especially if you want to visit the misty Green Claw Swamp where you can find an Amazon Camp and the Black Knight's Villa. However, considering the immense city tour you just completed, you might want to rest a bit before you take the plunge into adventure.

Enjoy your stay in Venore!
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